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Tools and Equipment for Artists

brushing on zest-it painting medium

Brushes for Oil Painting.

Types of Brushes for Oil Painting and what to look for when buying. About Hog and Sable brushes, how they are made, shapes and sizes. Cleaning your oil painting brushes using Zest-it. About One-stroke brushes, their history and use in decorative painting.

Painting and Palette Knives.

How Painting and Palette Knives are made. Different types of Painting Knives, using a knife to apply oil paint and the effects that can be achieved. Palette knives and their use. Other types of painting knives that can be used. Knife painting techniques.

oil and painting knife

palette in hand


Different types of palettes used in painting, why use a palette and how to choose one. Seasoning a wooden palette before use. Cleaning your palette using Zest-it. Laying colours out on the palette to make painting easier.


Why use an Easel? Types of Easel available, their suitability and ease of use. Points to consider when choosing and buying your Easel. Cleaning, maintaining and looking after your Easel. Using a Drawing board as an Easel. Multi- position Easels and how to choose.

canvas on easel

surfaces to paint on

Surfaces for oil painting.

Choosing a surface for oil painting. Flexible and rigid supports, which is best? Canvas, paper, tin or metal as a surface or support for your oil painting. Using Zest-it art materials with your painting and protecting the finish with varnish.

Chamois Leathers

Chamois Leather is excellent for blending pencil and graphite when a soft finish is required. The Chamois is an ideal tool for cleaning paper surfaces and dip pen nibs, also offers protection when changing 'needle pointed' nibs.

chamoise leather

tortillions and paper stumps

Tortillions and Paper Stumps.

The difference between Tortillions and Paper Stumps for blending. Which to use and why. Making your own blending stumps. Blending with these tools and the effects you can get. Using Zest-it Pencil Blend for blending with Tortillions and stumps.

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