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All of the paintings in the Flower Gallery were painted with traditional Oil paint, Zest-it Clear Painting Medium and Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner was used to thin the paint and clean the  brushes.
Some are painted wet-on-wet, others oils on watercolour paper and some have step-by-step instructions, all using mainly flat brushes of sable and synthetic mix, also varying sized riggers.
The dark backgrounds were first primed with Acrylic Gesso details can be found with the larger images.
Most of the flower paintings have details of the techniques, paint colours and mediums used alongside, also showing contrasting, monochrome, warm and cool colours from the colour wheel.

 There are also flower paintings in the Tole Gallery, in the Gallery of Flower and in the various Gallery's on my personal site.

Click on a thumbnail to see a painting in more detail and further explanation. 
Please be patient as some of the graphics are quite large.

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Geranium Flowers
geranium flowers
Contrasting warm and
cool colours, painted wet-on-wet using oil paint.

Blue Pansies
 pansey flowers
Painting petals, highlighting
colours and blending

 Hibiscus flowers
Low key value and
contrasting colours.
on a dark background

White Rose
white rose thumbnail
Oils on Watercolour paper
Gelatine surface for
oil paint

Ornamental Poppies
floppy poppy
Warm colours used for the flowers and background painted wet-on-wet

Cool colours used for the
flowers and on a
grey background

amaryillis flower thumbnail
Step by step instructions
for the Amaryllis painted
wet-on-wet with oils

flower painting wet-on-wet
Step by step instructions
for this wet-on-wet
flower painting.

Spring Flowers
spring daffodils
Bright and sunny,
high key colours
painted wet on wet.

 lilly flowers
Bright flowers with dark background.
Plenty of contrast

Pink Poppy
pink poppies - monochrome
Pink Monochrome
- shades and tints of one colour

Yellow Poppyyellow poppies on watercolour paper
Oils on watercolour

All artwork Jacqui Blackman

You can also find some instruction on developing the painting of flowers in
the Gallery of Flowers and under the Oils section on the painting techniques page of my personal site.

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