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The guest book is now closed - our thanks to all who took the time to comment.

T UK20.Aug.11 250 ml Pencil Blend. I love this stuff! Thank you very much, Jacqui
It works great. (Pencil Blend) Many thanks for speedy and easy purchase. I received the "Zest it" safely today and it works a treat! Super service. Thank you very much, Jacqui
Marc France
I am interested in your products and I would like to know if they can be found in France and, in that case, where. Thank you for your help. Please visit this Stockist page for the EU, Jacqui
Beverley UK 19.Oct.09 I've been using zest it to substitute odourless thinners with my genesis heat set paints and they have worked just as well with the added bonus of actually smelling nice too. Thank you very much Beverley, Jacqui
250 ml Pencil Blend. I received my Zest-It order this morning and I would just like to thank you for the prompt and efficient service you have provided. Thank you very much, Jacqui
Judith UK


Hello Jacqui.  This is to say a big thank-you! I just discovered that you are the founder of wonderful Zest-it! I became a convert several years ago, being an avid parchment-crafter, it was like a godsend, I really hated using white spirit. I always recommend Zest-it when I run courses so thanks again for Zest-it!
Thank you Judith, see my email to you, link on Stockist page, Jacqui
Carola Denmark
Very professional. Excellent product. (Brush Cleaner and Clear Painting Medium) Well packaged. Fast delivery to Denmark. Highly recommended thank you. Thank you very much Carola, Jacqui
Sharon UK


Hi! Just to let you know that I used your product in my oil painting class today and it is brilliant! Smells lovely and no headache! I am very pleased! Once again - thank you! You have a great product! Sharon
Thank you very much Sharon, Jacqui
Aileen Childs


Hi, I just needed to write and say how very impressed I am with your speedy service. From order to delivery just two days. Wonderful, thank you. I will of course be telling everyone I know in the Parchment craft world. Usually we use something called Dorso oil but I bought some of your Zest-it a year or so ago and much preferred the smell so used it sparingly not realising I could just find you online. Can you tell I am pleased by any chance? Thank you again, Regards, Aileen Childs
Thank you for letting us know, much appreciated, Jacqui
From USA
I knew almost nothing about LeFranc oils. Decided to try them. Very Nice paint. Very nice web site.
Thank you, Jacqui
Jenny Almaguer
Beautiful and useful web site for beginners, thank you Zest-it for all the important information.
Thank you, Jacqui (see my email to you)
You have a wonderful website! It's very informative and you have a lot of great information for beginners and novices. Thank you. Jacqui
Eric Wilson
I highly recommend Zest-it to all oil painters who dislike the smell of turps. Eric Wilson. UK
Thank you Eric, Jacqui
Richard Young
My complements on a truly excellent, informative and easy to navigate website.
Thank you Richard, Jacqui
Jan Philpott
Firstly I would like to complement you on your wonderful website.  Yours sincerely, Jan Philpott
See my e-mail to you, Jacqui
Hi, thanks for a wonderful website! Having no knowledge of painting at all, I decided to join a night class, which is very good but no one's explained any of the basics i.e. what you actually DO with the paints. This page has told me everything I wanted to know - right down to washing the brushes! Brilliant - thanks a lot!
Thank you Jayne, it's good to know, Jacqui
Jen Woods.
Hi, I'm just learning to paint with oils, and just wanted to say that I have found your web site very useful!! its so nice to come across a web site that actually has some useful information! I wanted to do some research on oil paints before I actually started and have been doing a lot of searching trying to find some information, once again, thanks! I hope to start painting soon! Jen.
Thank you Jen for your comments, much appreciated, Jacqui
Love you're website!  Very informative. Thanks, Jo
Thank you Jo, Jacqui
Beautiful flowers. Great site. Very Helpful.
Thank you Georgia, Jacqui


I have used Zest-it thinners for the first time, it is a huge relief not to suffer any of the unpleasant reactions that I associate with turps. I mixed it into oil-paint without linseed oil and I really appreciate its properties - notably more even glazing, improved handling, clarity drying time.
Once dry, the colours are a very matte. This has removed a long standing problem of reflections when subsequently photographing reproducing. Another plus. I have then oiled out to give a finish to the painting and shall varnish in 6 months time.  Many thanks for your help and for your product.
Thank you Alex and there will be no problems, as in my e-mail to you, Jacqui
Thanks for a great site - informative, clear, helpful and enjoyable.
Thank you Margaret, Jacqui
Bhavini S


Excellent Web-site! Brilliantly organised, planned and layed out. The advice given is written in such an easy to understand, user friendly manner. Well done :)  Any chance of a section on Pastels (my favourite medium)? Thank you very much Bhavini, Pastels may be added in the near future, Jacqui
Steve B
I enjoyed your information on oil painting. Your methods and ideas are very educational and enlightening. Have a great day Steve B  Thanks Steve, Jacqui. Some of the views are outstanding!
David Willis
Hi Jacqui from Ireland, I have just had a look at your Web site and I must say it is excellent, wishing you all the best. David Willis.  Many thanks David, Jacqui
Jill Myers
Great site.  Thank you for the insight and easy explanations in colour and oil painting.
Thank you, Jacqui
Murty A
Praise on Tuition. I appreciate very much for the manner you tutored the subject to the reader. Best Wishes, Murty. Thank you very much, Jacqui
Harrison Mansfield


Thank you very much for this great web site. I am currently taking GCSE art and wanted to try using oil paints as they have always interested me. Thanks to this site i now have some understanding of basic techniques and loads of ideas for experimentation. Thanks for giving me a starting point.
Thank you Harrison- I wish you well with your painting, Jacqui
Richard W. Ross
Thanks, I enjoyed your web site very much. It explains some of the basics well enough for a beginner like me to understand. That's good to know, thank you, Jacqui
VOX Translations
Congratulations on a great, interesting web site.
Thank you, Jacqui
it think the web site is a very good web site
Thank you Jessica, Jacqui
Omar V. Emmons


Just found your web site. Enjoyed reading all of the helpful tips and suggestions. I am an amateur, but I enjoy making a mess. I love all types of media, but I prefer oil, pen and ink, and pencil drawings. Water-colour is great when some one else does it. Thanks for letting me look. Omar
Thank you Omar, glad you enjoyed the site, Jacqui
Maureen Bulmer
Well, every time I drop in to have a peep at the website it has grown and grown! What an interesting site this is, so informative, educational, well thought out, A lot of work is put into this, congratulations and good luck, keep on 'growing '.  Thank you Maureen , 'a little encouragement goes a long way', Jacqui
Lisa Greer
Wow, What can I say ! Well done you all involved in compiling your web page. I have just started to learn Folk Art Painting and have been totally frustrated with how to mix colours, what brushes to use when, and in general learning technique in brush stroking. Admittedly I use acrylic paints (Jo Sonja) but their web site is absolutely useless to learn what I have from yours. I am searching for a basic colour chart at present to learn how to mix colours eg: vibrant purple or a warm pink. Your web site has given me the knowledge to now look at the paints I have already brought and find out exactly what colours I have brought (warm or cool or tones etc) and my be I shall have to start making my own colour chart to learn more about mixing colours. The books I have been collecting from a News agency lately have beautiful pic, but when you get to the bottom of each article, they don't tell you really how to paint the flower ie: how to brush stroke the leaves using what brush etc.any how I will keep on searching the web and find my answers eventually. Thank you once again. Kindest regards Lisa Greer
Thank you Lisa see my separate e-mail to you..
Finally, a terrific site with "wonderful" information. Your artwork is lovely. Thanks.
Thank you very much, your comments are appreciated, Jacqui.
Hello ! Very nice and interesting Site ! :-)
Thank you for your comments, Jacqui


I needed information for some course work and i found your site very useful. The layout is clear and the language used it very understandable. Thank you for you help.
Thank you very much, your comments are appreciated, Jacqui
I just love your art work I wish i was as good as you many thanx Lisa
Thank you very much for your comments, Jacqui
thanks, this site helped loads with my GCSE textiles. i needed info on colour and you came to my rescue!!!
Glad to know you found the site informative, Jacqui.
Hiya I'm doing me higher national in art and design at the moment, we have just started a term on colour...I found your web page very helpful ...all very helpful ... easy to read ... helped me loads thank you :0)
Thank you Sarah, and for taking the time to let me know, Jacqui
Well done web site, easy to work. Do you have a supplier in Australia for your product? I teach easy techniques in Acrylic and Oil and would like to try out your products. I have added your site for my students to visit as it is excellent for all levels from beginners to advanced. Well done Thank you very much Rose, it's so good when people give you feedback and encouragement, much appreciated, Jacqui 
Mark Thorley
I am a collage art student and have found the site of great use. Thank you.
Thank you Mark, it's good to know. Jacqui
Jani Metso


After searching the web for some environment and user friendly paints and solvents etc., with not much success, I came over to your site, for which I am very glad and reliefed. I'm a very beginner/amateur with art/painting, and I almost left the hobby because of the toxious elements & substances which are so widely utilized when, for example, painting in oils is concerned. I thank you very much for presenting this kind of safe alternative. I feel that many artists are stuck with their conservative bias and prejudices, so they don't like to accept, or that they feel it very hard to put up with this kind of new and progressive development, which may deviate quite much (or so they might think) from their old and routine-like, moth-eaten and destructive habits - which have often no real basis whatsoever. I'd really like to see Zest-it here in Finnish stores, too.
Thank you again - you are doing a great service for us all, and the nature, by offering more safer alternative.
Thank you Jani and please see my e-mail to you Jacqui
What would people like me do, without people like you. Many thanks, Angie.
Thanks Angie and you're welcome, Jacqui
I know you're an excellent teacher and oil painter, but your also an excellent web site designer. Thank you, John.   P.S. How about a Pastel section? 
Thank you very much John and I'll see what I can do, Jacqui
I like your site very much and thanks for the idea about the catalogue, Colin
Thank you and I hope it works, Jacqui
I think your web site is great, many thanks, Megan.
Thank you Megan, Jacqui
Jackie Costa
Your site is fantastic. A real help to my students, many thanks, Jackie.
Thank you Jackie and I'm glad to hear it, Jacqui.
Phil Thomlinson
Impressive web site. 
Many thanks Phil, Jacqui
Christine Belanger 26.Apr.01 Love the warmth in your art work. Beautiful work! All the Best, Christine. 
Thank you very much, Jacqui
Maureen Bulmer


Thank you for such much for introducing me to Zest-It: This has been the solution to my problems with oil painting, it is just so BRILLIANT! No more strong penitrating smells! I recommend it to all who paints with oils. Maureen.
Thank you Maureen,  Jacqui
Malcom Davis
I have to say I am impressed by the web site. 
Many thanks Malc, Jacqui
Ken Twist.


Thank you for providing such a valuable and pleasant site. As a new starter painting flowers I have gained a lot. I know it must take a great deal of time to produce a tutorial such as the amaryllis. But more of this type would be great. Thank you Ken and I'll see what I can do about another flower, Jacqui
Rizky Alnan
You are welcome, Jacqui
Jacqui, I just love the cottage, John
Thanks John and I think your new site will be good for everyone, Jacqui
I am very interested and impressed by your web site.
Thank you Lyndelle, Jacqui
Marcus Martinez
I like your web site; it answered many questions for me.
It's good to know, thank you Marcus . Jacqui.
Diane Folkin
I have just been looking at you lovely website....any suggestions for starting in oils please.  
See my e-mail and thank you Diane. Jacqui
I just love your site, it has helped me so much, many thanks.
That was part of the intention, thank you Mary for letting me know. Jacqui
Mrs. S.R. Sutton
Your web site is brilliant. It is very informative and extremely attractive. Congratulations.
Thank you Mrs. Sutton. Jacqui
I find your site a real help to beginners like me and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
Glad to help John
. Jacqui.
A great site, I was convinced it had been done professionally.
Complement indeed Graeme, thank you, Jacqui.
I'm Impressed. Refreshing change from the normal 'run of the mill' web sites.
Thanks, Stu.
Think the site is brilliant! 
Thanks to Your help.

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