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A simple Tole Lemon and Daisy design painted with oils on canvas.


Simple Tole

This simple Lemon and Daisy design, with the painting concentration on the basic leaf shape. Plenty of turned leaves and highlights.
The Lemon is off centre and down to the left, a slightly more difficult composition, then the normal off set to the right.
The negative spaces need to be filled to obtain overall balance and all painted wet on wet.

A basic palette of colours, White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Ivory Black. Which means the greens are made with the Yellows and Black, without making 'mud'.
To thin the paint and help with blending Zest-it Clear Painting Medium was used. The boarder is a simple 'comma' stroke with dot in lemon yellow.
The brushes were a 1/2" One-stroke brush, a Rigger and a blending brush.
Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1994.

A simple Tole leaf, painted step-by-step can be found on my personal site.

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