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09.Sep.11  New Stockist added in the UK.
28.May.11  New Stockist added in the Uk and EU.
17.Feb.11  New Products added to the Zest-it range of art products.
28.Dec.10  New Distributor S & S Wholesale in Australia. Creativity Unlimited
20.May.10  Stockist for parchment artists, Zest-it products now listed at the bottom of pages.
04.Jan.10  Stockist, including in the EU New Product
04.Nov.09  New Stockist, at NEC art materials live. Opened www.dippennibs.co.uk
14.Sep.09 New Stockist New Product, For Parchment craft.
21.Aug.09 Damar Varnish; New stockist; Google translate added to some pages.
05.Jul.09 New stockist. Google translate added to some pages.
15.May.09 New stockist. We have opened an online shop just for Zest-it art products
06.Mar.09 New stockists in EU and art shops in central and southern England
27.Jan.09 Art links Stockist and Parchment blend updated. Zest-it Trade site opened
09.Nov.08 Artists links updated, at NEC art materials live
14.Oct.08 Gallery of Flowers real and painted added
08.Sep.08 Step by step Wet-on-wet flower painting and painting medium added
02.Sep.08 Parchment and Guest book pages updated
18.Jul.08 Stockist page updated including Retailer in France.
28.May.08 Pencil and Parchment Blend with Dropper top
31.Mar.08 Oil pastel page added, Stockist update,
05.Dec.07 Artist links updated.
22.Nov.07 Links updates
18.Aug.07 Easel and Guest book updated
23.May.07 Paint, Links and Artists link pages updated
05.Feb.07 Links page updated including Gilding supplies
20.Nov.06 Artist links updated, at NEC art materials show
11.Oct.06 Products and Guest book updated.
23.Jun.06 Artists links, FAQ updated
17.Jun.06 Guest book product, other media and Zest-it pages updated.
26.May.06 Products, Zest-it and Tuition projects other media pages updated.
17.May.06 Zest-it and Products updated Patchings Art Show - 8th to 11th June 06
12.Mar.06 Products page updated
25.Feb.06  New Products,Links, and Tuition pages updated
18.Feb.06 Guest Book, and Artists links up-dated
04.Dec.05 All stockist pages up-dated
23.Nov.05 Products, Guest Book,Links and Stockist updated
26.Jul.05 Zest-it, Links and Stockist pages E-Book site is now online at Art-E-Books
21.Apr.05 Artists links Stockist pages updated. New search facilities added.
24. Nov.04 Guest book, projects, Zest-it Stockist and products have been updated.
31.Aug.04 Artists links updated. Google web search added Guest bookArtists links
03.JUN.04 The Oil painting interactive multimedia CD ROM is now available
to view the details. A&I Show London 22-25th July 04
28.JAN.04 Links updated 2004 condensed into four enteries
20.JAN.04 Due to some of the graphics and art work being stolen from the site, most now have a copyright notice or other means of identification on them. I'm sorry if this spoils the view or the art work, but the few who do steal other peoples work cause this action to be taken.
30.DEC.03 Adjusted and updated for faster loading
04.DEC.02 Moved to new server


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