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Zest-it with coloured pencils and other media

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Used with Coloured Pencils

For more information on blending Coloured Pencils please click the link.

tomatoes blended bottom right

tomatoe detail

This insight into using Zest-it with coloured pencils is by the kind permission of Ann Swan and taken from her article in the June 2002 Leisure Painter magazine.

  Ann lists all the materials to be used including Zest-it, which is used with cotton wool buds to blend the colours applied with the pencils and 'under paint' the tomatoes, as shown on the lower tomato in the top picture.

More colours are applied and blended with the Zest-it until the final picture is produced.

For more about Ann's way of working visit her web page at www.annswan.co.uk/ukcpsarticle.htm (? this link now seems to be inactive Jul.10)

Our thanks to Anne Swan and the Leisure Painter for the use of this article.

Click for a link to the UK Coloured Pencil Society

If you would like more insight into using Zest-it to blend Coloured Pencils,
the following link will take you to a page on my personal site www.jacquiblackman.co.uk/blending.htm then just use the back button to return here.
On the artists link page you will also find links to people offering free patterns and workshops.

Blending Sponge for use with brush, paper stump and tortillions

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Used with Oil Pastel

If you use Oil Pastel, Zest-it can be used in a similar way to that above, to blend and under paint before completing the picture. It is particularly effective with Oil pastels for blending and smoothing. Pointed cotton wool buds, colour shapers, tortillons and paper stump are useful tools for this.
orange drip
Be aware that when used with oil pastels on paper it can be hard to correct/remove as the colour sinks into the paper, making the background colour more permanent.

oil pastels

We have tested Neopastel by Caran d'Ache with Zest-it, the results can be seen on the Oil pastels page.

To see Oil Pastels and Zest-it at work click the link.


With Pastel or Pastel pencil

pastels Gives a whole new look to Pastels, use Zest-it to stain and under-paint the subject, it makes the first layer of pastel 'sink' into the paper. This in turn allows more layers to be applied. The Pastel will darken when first 'wetted' with Zest-it on the paper, normal colour will return as the Zest-it evaporates.


With Parchment Work

parchment For a step by step guide to using Zest-it with parchment work click the link, it also has links to people offering free patterns and workshops.

With Coloured Pencils

blended pencils  Lots of information about blending coloured pencils can be found at Coloured Pencils, on my site Jacqui Blackman.co.uk and on the artist links page


see also this section on the Zest-it page

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