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       How to colour a sheet of parchment paper using Zest-it® -
a step by step guide to blending Oil pastel on Parchment paper.

Read this article by Karen Fitzpatrick
(please note: the techniques Karen discribes can be used with coloured pencil)

coloured parchment envelope

  With the smoother side of the parchment paper uppermost, rub the oil paint or oil pastel (of desired colour)  diagonally over the paper. Try to keep the thickness of colour even  all over.

 Take a piece of kitchen towel, fold into four and place a few drops of Zest-it in the middle.

 Use the Zest-it dampened piece of kitchen towel to rub over the paint/pastel in the same direction as you applied it. This is to even out the colour.  (Try using different amounts of Zest-it, as too much will remove the colour, wiping the paper clean, and too little will not spread the colour evenly.)

coloured parchment card

When you are happy that the colour is even, wipe over with a dry piece of kitchen towel to remove any excess Zest-it and oil paint/pastel that may be left.

 Once you have your coloured parchment paper you can then trace your pattern on to it. To do this, affix your pattern  to the other side of the paper, not the side you have just coloured. (Be careful where you apply the sticky tape - when removed it will also remove any existing colour!). Trace your pattern onto your paper and then emboss in the usual way.  The embossing will show up white on the right side.

  The overall effect of the white tracing and embossing on a coloured background gives a totally different appearance.

  Have some fun trying this technique, especially now you can do it safely using Zest-it.

Our Thanks to Karen Fitzpatrick for the above instruction
and the parchment work above - the small jpegs don't do justice to the reality.

Karen is a registered tutor and an Associate of the Parchment Craft Guild.
She runs workshops in her own studio and can be contacted on 01332 673431 

All Parchment work above is © Karen Fitzpatrick 2000.

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