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Oil Painting Projects

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Oil Painting Projects

All of these projects use oil paint and are an introduction to oil painting wet-on-wet but not necessarily on canvas. Each one teaches something different.

If you are new to oil painting, it may be a good idea to practice on grease-proof paper or similar before working on an article. A smooth finished w ooden item, chopping board or similar, is an excellent surface to paint oils on and can be worked on without any preparation, useful if you can't wait to get started! Beach 'cobbles' or 'stones' are another useful object, they only need washing and drying before painting, the rounded surface is also good practice for future work. Two projects are on canvas.


wild rose project

amaryllis project

flower painting wet on wet

Simple Leaf

Wild Rose

wet on wet

Flower painting

Part of this is now available as a leaf painting project to try.

This wild rose project can be found by clicking the link.

This Amaryllis project is painted with oils, wet-on-wet.

Step by step project on canvas using oil paint and painted wet on wet.

The above projects are slowly being put into an e-book format with the general name of Art-E-Books. The CD ROM's and/or downloads can be viewed on my personal site in the Art-E-Books section where you will find more information or if you wish to purchase them they can be found in the Instruction section of our eShop.

One art-e-book covers Tole and One-Stroke Brush Strokes using oil paint, it is available as a download or on CD and takes you from the basic of mixing paint, loading the brush, practicing the strokes, executing most of the basic stroke, with the Round, Flat and Rigger brushes. It has close-up images and video clips using Windows Media player.

Again using video clips as well as images and text, the Brush Loading and Paint Blending for Tole, an art-e-book for download or on CD. The Loading and Blending e-book shows you how to double and triple load your brushes, combination strokes, applying paint for blending and much more using the same three brushes, this includes painting a mushroom like the one above.

Brush strokes     Wild Rose      Tuition      Tole     Tole Gallery

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