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Cold Wax Paint Colours

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Cold Wax Paint colours, their qualities and properties.



Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Stone White 50g

Stone White. PW5, Opaque, Excellent
An historical white called Lithopone it was very popular before Titanium was introduced.
Not as heavy or dense as Titanium and well suited to Cold Wax.

When adding white to other colours you may not obtain the results you expect - adding a touch of white often enhances the yellows and blue, but dulls the red and black.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Titanium White 50g

Titanium White. PW6, Opaque, Excellent
A cool white with dense covering power and move overpowering then Stone White.

The same applies as above when adding white to colours.
With wax painting it is very useful to have a mixed selection of greys, they will be very opaque when made with Titanium.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Primrose Yellow 50g

Primrose Yellow, PW5 and PY35, Opaque, Excellent
A soft opaque yellow and a very useful colour in its own right but also good for toning and balancing other colours.

Technically a tint of Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium colours have been fully tested; they are safe to use and non-toxic.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Lemon Yellow 50g

Lemon Yellow, PY3, Translucent, Excellent
Lemon Yellow is light and bright, has a slight green undertone and excellent lightfast properties in wax.

Easily moved with other colours but good for dulling other colours.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Cadmium Yellow 50g

Cadmium Yellow
, PY35, Semi Opaque, Excellent
Bright and indispensable in some mixture for realist results.

Titanium White tends to kill the glow of Cadmium Yellow whereas Stone White is far more complimentary in mixtures.

There has been much 'talk' about the use of Cadmium in Artist paints, please seen this article by the UK manufacturer of Cadmium colours if you would like to know more.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Saffron Yellow 50g

Saffron Yellow, PY83, Semi Translucent, Excellent
A warm almost orange yellow, it is translucent and almost an Indian Yellow, also slightly staining.

Easily moved with other colours but good for dulling colours, very smooth.

Zest-it Cold Wax Paint Yellow Ochre 50g

Yellow Ochre, PY43, Semi Opaque, Excellent
Yellow Ochre is made from natural Iron Oxide a strong colour and semi-opaque in wax with a slightly granular feel.

Brightened as a colour when white is added and good for balancing other colours.

yellow oil paint

Cadmium Yellow
, PY35, Opaque, Excellent
An excellent very useful yellow,  mix with Reds to make a selection of oranges and with Iron Black for an earthy green, use to control Green Oxide.
A unique versatile, for many, necessary yellow, so good for landscape painting.
Mixes with blues to make good greens.

There has been much 'talk' about the use of Cadmium in Artist paints, please seen this article by the UK manufacturer of Cadmium colours if you would like to know more.


blue oil paint

Ultramarine Blue, PB29, Semi-transparent, Excellent
A clear, clean blue and mixed with black and a touch of white makes a very useful grey.
Makes a clean bright violet with Ruby Red.
Subtle greens with Yellow Ochre.

 Mix with Cadmium Yellow it gives a very stable 'Sap Green' that doesn't fade when in mixtures.


prussian blue

Copper Blue
, PB57, Semi-opaque, Excellent
An intense blue with high tinting strength, a little goes a long way! 
A touch of Titanium White brings out its true colour.
Mixed with reds gives some subtle violets.
Mixed with Yellow Ochre gives some dull landscape colours.

Mix with Cadmium Yellow for 'seascape' colours.

english red

Red. PR101 Semi Opaque. Excellent
A strong red, gives a good range of very soft clean coral pinks when mixed with Titanium White.
Makes a selection of interesting browns when mixed with Sap Green or Ivory Black.
Good controlling colour.
Use with the Yellows to make a selection of bright to dull orange colours.

ruby red

Ruby Red. PR57 Semi Transparent. Excellent

A clear cool bright Red with blue/violet undertone. 
Thinned with painting medium it makes a good glazing colour.
Makes clean bright pinks when mixed with Titanium White and clear violets with Ultramarine or the strong Indian or Copper Blue.

burnt unber

Burnt Umber. PBr7 Opaque Excellent

For many people Burnt Umber is indispensable on their palette. A warm rich burnt orange with good covering power. It has many uses, in it's own right mixed with white it makes soft tan colours, mixed with Ultramarine it produces a valuable dark almost black neutral, which when mixed with white presents us with some delicate Greys. It is good at darkening orange/reds. It is one of the fastest drying oil paints and will cause other paint it is mixed with to dry faster, (acts like a siccative). Often referred to as an 'earth colour'.

burnt sienna pbr7 opaque excellent

Burnt Sienna. PBr7 Opaque Excellent

Another earth colour, a warm rich reddish brown, adding white produces some very delicate tints.
Can be thinned with Clear Painting Medium to produce a glazing colour although Raw Sienna is more transparent but cooler. Mix Burnt Sienna with Ultramarine or Prussian Blue to give useful darks. Can be used to darken, reds and some greens.


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