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Wet on wet oil painting of Pink Poppy in warm monochrome.

These ornamental Poppy flowers are painted using oil paint with reds and umbers, from the warm side of the colour wheel but basically monochrome - of the one colour.

The background is various mixed tones of warm red and brown colours, giving the painting a overall 'very warm' feel.

The painting is on canvas and painted wet on wet, using mainly flat brushes with a Rigger for the ferns and small leaves. The oil paint colours are Permanent Rose, Titanium White and Burnt Umber.

Good exercise in using a limited palette of oil paint colours

Zest-it Clear Painting Medium is used throughout as it facilitates the blending of the oil paint colours and makes the painting dry quicker.

Copyright Jacqui Blackman 1997


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All artwork Jacqui Blackman 1997.


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