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About Zest-it® Cold Wax Painting Medium

Zest-it® Cold Wax Painting Medium is a mixture of Beeswax, Linseed Oil and Gum Damar, it
gives body and substance to Oil paint, also helping it to dry faster.


cold wax painting medium

Zest-it® Cold Wax Painting Medium


The Zest-it Cold Wax Painting Medium is a smooth, thick, firm paste and the reference to 'cold' is because it does not need or require heat.

Mix with Oil paint to give texture and add more substance to the oil paint, makes impasto easier to achieve and speeds the drying time.

Can be used with brush painting knife, shapers, rollers, wedges, silicon blades and tools of your choice.

Add pigments, powdered metals, marble dust and other fine art materials to increase the visual depth and surface finish.

Apply to canvas, paper, mdf, gesso'ed board or panel, birch ply panel, waxed raw canvas or other material of your choice.

1.25 Kg Cold Wax painting Medium

1.25 Kg size - new for 2020



It dries to a very cohesive and stable finish that can be 'varnished' with a coat of Cold Wax, or just buffed with a soft cloth, or left 'as is'.

It is non-flammable and not classes as a hazardous product, therefore does not need or require an (M)SDS. Most other Cold Wax's use a flammable solvent like OMS, Thinners or similar.

It does not contain any Aromatics or CFC's, it is also biodegradable and is therefore kinder to the environment, it is also non-toxic.

It can travel by road, sea or air, which makes it an excellent accompaniment if you are going on a painting holiday (depending on the airline) or travelling to a workshop.

Sizes available - 80 gm; 150 gm; 320 gm 840 gm and 1.25 Kg


wax and wax solvent group

Wax Solvent and Cold Wax

It goes without saying -Always wash your hands with soap and water after using any art products.

Dispose of any wax/paint sludge by putting onto damp sand or soil in a container.

Do Not throw liquid or brush washings down the sink!

Our Cold Wax Additions are Marble Dust, Slate Dust, Limestone Dust, Fine Sand and Graphite Powder.

Our Cold Wax Solvent can be used for thinning the wax/oil paint mixture, for making drizzles and to clean-up brushes and equipment.

 LiquiBlend Wax is also good for drizzles and for adjusting the texture of the Cold Wax.


cold wax with phthalo blue

Phthalo Blue mixed with Cold Wax Painting Medium.



For more information about Cold Wax Painting Medium, surfaces to use, ways to use the wax and some tools, try our Wax focused site at www.artywax.co.uk Tools, Techniques, Ideas and Inspirations.

Our www.zest-it.shop may be of interest to our International customers where they can find the full Zest-it range of products.

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cold wax and oils mixed
Cold Wax and oil paint mixed
ready for use.

If you are new to Cold Wax or would like more information.

A very in-depth, unbiased review of Zest-it Cold Wax Painting Medium from a Profession Artist who uses Cold Wax as their main media.

Gives comparisons between various makes, how to use different media and application with and without pigments.

Link  to A & I article August 2021 on Cold Wax Paint.

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Product Safety Information for Zest-it Cold Wax Painting Medium PDF
      reusablepet 1low vocbio productno cfc's not on animals airplaneYes lorryYes  ferryYes

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