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We hope that everyone interested in painting with Oils will find this Award winning site
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Although dedicated to Oil painting with Zest-it, the products are not sold from the site.
The site is for information only - on the products; how to use them; what to use them with and oil painting in general.

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About Oils,

How Oil Paint is made,

About Colour

colour mixing

Colour Mixing

Tonal Values in painting.

Colour Wheel.


Types of Brushes for oil painting.

How Painting and Palette knives are made.

Cleaning your brushes

Why use a palette?

Which type of easel to choose?

What type of surface to paint on?

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Tuition, hints, tips and
a project to try.

Blending Oil Pastels

New Blending Coloured Pencils on Parchment

About the history of Tole and Tole painting

One-stroke brushes and
the basic Tole Brush Strokes.

Designs painted with oils in theTole Gallery

Gallery of Flowers painted with oils from images.

Flower Gallery

Wet-on-wet Flower painting step by step instruction.

Oil PaintingTechniques
traditional and wet on wet.

Using Painting Medium to help the oils flow.

Dip Pen Nibs and accessories at www.dippennibs.co.uk

About Zest-it.

Zest-it Product range

Zest-it Trade site

New About Zest-it Solvent (Citrus Free)

Using the Zest-it Clear Painting Medium

Varnishing with Zest-it Damar Varnish

New Blending with Zest-it Pencil Blend

zest-it products

Use Zest-it for brush cleaning.

New Dip Pen Nib Cleaner


Reviews on Zest-it products.

Read what people say

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Links to Art organisations and

Artists web sites who use Zest-it

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Canvas is used throughout to refer to a painting surface.

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