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Full review page 9
Artist and Illustrators Magazine

State of the Art: Iona Feelman

Issue: February 1997

Extract from the review.

   " Zest-it is a biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable brush cleaner."   " It is also sweet smelling, but  most importantly, it actually removes paint - witness my old, clogged fan brush, thoroughly cleaned with Zest-it!"

Full Report on page 34
Leisure Painter Magazine

Report: Robin Capon

Issue: February 1998

       Extract from the Report.
  "My own experiments with Zest-it were entirely successful in the sense that it behaved exactly how I wanted it to when diluting and manipulating the paint. For example, I had no problems thinning paint to a weak wash or, contrastingly, using it in an impasto way. I also tried other techniques, such as applying the paint with a painting knife, sponge and so on, and again the response was fine. My impression was that this medium flows more freely than turpentine and, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, it dries a little slower than white spirit. Additionally, the product is suitable for cleaning brushes and other painting equipment."


Full Review on page 43
Leisure Painter Magazine

Marketlink: Jane Stroud

Issue: December 1998

   Extract from article.

  "Independent laboratory reports have shown it to have proven stability with no detrimental effect on the paint quality."


Full Review on page 48-49
Artist and Illustrators Magazine

Oil Mediums and Solvents

Issue: September 1999 

   Extract from the article.

  " Zest-it citrus-based alternatives to turpentine............  there is also a clear painting medium and a brush cleaner."


Our thanks to the Artist and Illustrators Magazine and the Leisure Painter Magazine
for the use of the above extracts.

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