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V. Tait.


June '97

Renny and I have been very happy with Zest-it since we started using it about a month ago mainly for brush cleaning. We have become very sick of the smell of turpentine and breathing it's fumes day after day after day. We find Zest-it much less offensive!
I have also started to use it as a painting medium in the early stages of an oil painting where before I would have used turpentine. Again I find it much more pleasant to use than turps because of it's smell and also the fact that it's slower to evaporate. Yours sincerely,

G. Graham.

North Wales.

March '98

After trying out Zest-it for about three months, I feel I must write and congratulate you on a first class product. It seems to have all the good qualities of turpentine and a few extra for good measure. I'm particularly pleased with the way it mixes with all the usual mediums, and the paint finish is superb. All this combined with it's pleasant aroma makes it a pure pleasure to use. Thank you, George

R. D. Nelson.


 January '99

I feel I must write to you with some comments on the product "Zest-it" which I recently purchased from you.
As an artist who works mainly in oils, I use quite a lot of artist quality turps and ordinary white spirit. The drawback being the smell they have. I have used "Zest-it" for, (A) Cleaning my brushes, I feel that your product has a slight edge over white spirit in its cleaning qualities. (B) As a medium for doing initial washes over a white canvas, I found this to be excellent, even though I have found it does take longer to dry which, is not really a problem. (C) As a medium when mixed with one part linseed oil, three parts Zest-it, for slightly thinning the paint or when used as a wash on the canvas, it gives excellent results.
The extra bonus for me, is the aroma it lets off, it is far better than the smell of turps. I now do not have to burn a couple of scented candles whilst I am painting. Many Thanks.



Soar Valley Artists

Thank you for such an inspiring and educational site, but thank you most of all for introducing me to Zest-It: This has proved the solution to all my problems with oil painting, it is BRILLIANT! No more strong [painful] odours! I now recommend it to everyone I come across who paints with oils. I am a much happier painter now...Maureen.
I'm so pleased for you Maureen, and thank you. Jacqui



I have used Zest-it thinners for the first time, & it is a huge relief not to suffer any of the unpleasant reactions that I associate with turps.
I mixed it into oil-paint without linseed oil and I really appreciate its properties - notably more even glazing, improved handling, clarity & drying time.
Once dry, the colours are a very matte. This has removed a long standing problem of reflections when subsequently photographing & reproducing. Another plus.
I have then oiled out to give a finish to the painting and shall varnish in 6 months time.
Will there be any long term problems with stability by using this method, please?
Many thanks for your help and for your product.
Thank you Alex and there will be no problems, as in my e-mail to you, Jacqui


Eric Wilson


I highly recommend Zest-it to all oil painters who dislike the smell of turps.

Eric Wilson. UK www.ericwilson.co.uk
Thank you Eric, Jacqui

Aileen Childs



Hi, I just needed to write and say how very impressed I am with your speedy service. From order to delivery just two days. Wonderful, thank you. I will of course be telling everyone I know in the Parchment craft world. Usually we use something called Dorso oil but I bought some of your Zest-it a year or so ago and much preferred the smell so used it sparingly not realising I could just find you online. Can you tell I am pleased by any chance?
Thank you again, Regards, Aileen Childs www.aileenchildsparchmentpatterns.co.uk
Thank you for letting us know, much appreciated, Jacqui





Hello Jacqui. This is to say a big thank-you! I just discovered whilst 'surfing' that you are the founder of wonderful Zest-it! I became a convert several years ago when I found it in our local art shop being sold as a brush cleaner. Being an avid parchment-crafter, it was like a godsend, as I really hated using white spirit to blend oil-pastels. I was interested to read on your website the method for blending pencils with Zest-it. I design for Parchment Craft Magazine and also sell patterns on my own website. I always recommend Zest-it when I run courses so thanks again for Zest-it! Judith. www.judithmaslen.co.uk
Thank you Judith, see my email to you, link on Stockist page, Jacqui




I've been using zest it to substitute odourless thinners with my genesis heat set paints and they have worked just as well with the added bonus of actually smelling nice too.
Thank you for letting us know, much appreciated, Jacqui




It works great. (Pencil Blend)
Many thanks for speedy and easy purchase. I received the "Zest it" safely today and it works a treat!
Super service.
Thank you very much, Jacqui

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