zest-it trademark


zest-it trademark


A variety of sites that you may find useful, helpful or informative.

Links to Artists web sites who use Zest-it in their work, some with tutorials


Royal Academy National Gallery Tate Gallery British Museum

Art Materials

Atlantis Art Materials

Magnificient range of Art Materials for all types of Artist, including full range of Zest-it products. www.atlantisart.co.uk

cornelissen Looking for unusual or traditional art materials, Cornelissen is the place or by MO. They also stock Zest-it in all sizes.

heaton cooper Heaton Cooper Studio. Vast product range with helpful information at this Lake District location.

keb bromleys Visit their web site to shop on line for Zest-it, paper stretcher and other Art materials

J and T's Art & Calligraphy - Online shop.

Gold Leaf Supplies for gilding and decorating - well worth a visit.

Art Society's and Directories

wannalearn Good place to try, covers most subjects. Click the logo.

A Directory of and for UK artists.
Listing in the directory is free and well worth it. Painting and prints2

UK Coloured Pencil Society

Well worth a visit for anyone interested in coloured pencil work and using Pencil Blend.

Other areas

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