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Painting Easels

An Easel can mean different things to different people, it can be the preparation area before you begin to paint, it can make painting more comfortable and enjoyable, for some a necessity.

studio easel

There are the large, wood or metal studio easels for those who work indoors.
Smaller lightweight wood or metal field easels for use outdoors.
Sit at 'box easels' for seated indoor/outdoor use and an assortment of table easels, mainly for indoor use but some are light enough to take on a field trip. Also 'steering wheel' easels, which can be helpful in a number of situations.

So how do you choose an easel that is right for you? First of all decide why you want an easel? Where and when you are going to use it? How it's going to help you?
These may seem obvious questions, but not always thought about before purchase!

Hopefully the comments below will help you arrive at some answers, you can then make a more informed decision on the type of easel that serves 'your' purpose.

It needs to suit your working methods, whether you sit or stand and it needs to suit the media you use. You need to find it easy to assemble and use, fit into the allotted space or area and accommodate the size of 'support' used. Also think about where it will be stored when not in use.

If you paint on canvas it may be best not to have an easel with a 'lip' top and bottom, this lip can prevent you from painting the whole canvas! It also needs to be sturdy enough to take your largest canvas and the area that 'clamps' the canvas needs to be large enough also.

Your easel needs to be your 'friend', help you paint in comfort, with ease and the right mental attitude.

A note about Wooden easels:- they are best made of 'hardwood' with fixings of brass or steel.
tabletop easel

bertram drawingboard

Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic artists tend to prefer to paint at the 'watercolour' angle of about 35°, therefore make sure it adjusts to that angle, that is well balanced and sturdy. If you work at a table, then many artists find a 'Drawingboard' a better choice, it's easy to adjust the angle and they are sturdy.

For Easels, Calligraphy and Drawingboards try an Art-DrawingOffice website.

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